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Woman on the Run
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Classic 1950 crime film noir starring Ann Sheridan and Dennis O'Keefe and filmed on location in San Francisco. A man tries to blackmail 'Danny Boy', but is shot. The killer then spots unsuccessful painter, Frank Johnson (Ross Elliott) and shoots at him before missing. Since Frank saw the shooter the police inspector wants to place him in protective custody, but Frank runs away. Eleanor (Ann Sheridan and Frank's wife) encounters reporter Danny Leggert (Dennis O'Keefe). He offers her $1,000 for an exclusive story. Eleanor subsequently learns that her husband Frank (Ross Elliott) has a bad heart, a condition she was unaware of. An investigation ensues and Eleanor learns things about her husband she never knew including that Frank still loves her. The police inspector Ferris (Robert Keith) follows Eleanor and Leggert to the beachside so that she and Leggert can figure out a riddle which Frank has left them. Things take an unexpected turn on the roller coaster ride at the beach, and the ending will surprise all of you! The film got positive reviews. Since the film never pretends to be more than it is - a melodrama of solid if not spectacular proportions. A superior chase about the search by the police and the fugitive's wife for a missing witness to a gangland killing - the film does make crime enjoyable. Don't miss this classic crime thriller! (77 minutes - 1950 - Black & White - 4:3).

Title: Woman on the Run
Genre: Mystery / Suspense, Suspense-Film Noir
Theme: Crime
Starring: Ross Elliott, Jane Liddell, Joan Fulton, J. Farrell McDonald, Syd Saylor, Thomas P. Dillon
Director: Norman Foster
Studio: Digicom LTD
Attributes: Alliance Mod, Manufactured on Demand
Release Date: 6/19/2023
Product Type: DVD
Rated: NR
UPC: 744365697771
Item #: 2572974X

Street Date: 6/19/2023
Run Time: 77 minutes

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