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Soul Of The Beast
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Silas Hamm's circus is one of the biggest attractions in Canada, even though it's no secret that he treats his troupe of performers and show animals badly. Despite this, his stepdaughter, Ruth, has forged a special bond with Oscar, the circus elephant. After the show's fur-clad wild girl quits, Ruth is forced to wear the costume and thrown in a cage. She is able to escape with the aid of Oscar when a sudden storm hits. Coming upon a logging town in the Canadian woods, Ruth meets two men as different as night and day: Paul Nadeau, a handicapped violinist; and Caesar Durand, the town bully. Both of them fall in love with her, but Ruth prefers Paul's sensitivity. The rivalry between the two reaches a head when Caesar cooks Paul's pet rabbit and serves it to him for dinner. An explosive confrontation is interrupted by Hamm, who wants to drag his stepdaughter back to the circus. Fortunately, Oscar, the mighty elephant, is on hand to save Ruth and Paul from danger. This Thomas H. Ince production features a sensitive young Madge Bellamy (1899-1990). Though she starred in such silent epics as King Vidor's Love Never Dies (1921) and Maurice Tourneur's Lorna Doone (1922), she is best remembered for being menaced by Bela Lugosi in the classic horror film White Zombie (1932). In 1943, long after her career in pictures had stalled, she was rocketed back into the headlines when she shot her married lover, millionaire A. Stanford Murphy (Ms. Bellamy got away with a suspended six-month sentence.) Co-star Cullen Landis (1896-1975) started out wanting to be a railroad engineer, but got bit by the acting bug after his sister Margaret started appearing in films. (He did get to design a model train set once he became a movie star, however.) Though perhaps obscure today, he was a popular leading man during the silent era, with notable starring roles in James Cruze's The Fighting Coward (1924) and Warner Brothers' early sound picture Lights of New York (1928). Frequent Three Stooges antagonist Vernon Dent can be seen as an overexcited circus-goer in the beginning of the movie. The real star of Soul of the Beast, however, is Oscar the elephant, who was played up in the film's publicity. It's a hundred percent audience picture, wrote the film's press book, with the pulling power of an elephant!

Title: Soul Of The Beast
Genre: Comedy Video, Silent Films
Starring: Madge Bellamy, Cullen Landis
Studio: Alpha Video
Attributes: Manufactured on Demand, Silent Movie
Release Date: 2/14/2023
Original Year: 1923
Product Type: DVD
Rated: NR
UPC: 089218851291
Item #: 2612257X

Street Date: 2/14/2023
This product is a special order
Run Time: 64 minutes

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