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An Introduction To Bobby Darin
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2018 collection. There's been considerable discussion about whether Bobby Darin should be classified as a rock 'n' roll singer, a Vegas hipster cat, an interpreter of popular standards, or even a folk-rocker. He was all of these and none of these. Throughout his career he made a point of not becoming committed to any one style at the exclusion of others; at the height of his nightclub fame he incorporated a folk set into his act. When it appeared he could have gone on indefinitely as a sort of junior version of Frank Sinatra, he would periodically record pop/rock and folk-rock singles whose principal appeal lay outside of the adult pop market. At one point he started calling himself Bob Darin and recorded songs with vague anti-establishment overtones that could be said to be biting the largely bourgeois hands that fed his highest-paying gigs. It may be most accurate to say that Darin was, above all, a singer who wanted to do a lot of things, rather than make his mark as a particular stylist.

Title: An Introduction To Bobby Darin
Genre: Rock
Artist(s): Bobby Darin
Label: Atlantic
Release Date: 3/2/2018
Product Type: CD
UPC: 081227932305
Item #: 2000281X

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