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Leslie Sansone's Walk Slim: 5 Really Big Miles
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You can walk anywhere from one to five miles and firm up your midsection with fitness expert Leslie Sansone's Walk Slim 5 Really Big Miles DVD includes FREE Toning Band packed inside! 'The small area in front of your television or computer, and a pair of comfortable walking shoes, is all you will need to start walking one to five miles at home. There is no fancy equipment or complicated steps, just pop in a workout video and follow me for a slimmer, trimmer body' says Sansone, who leads you on total-body conditioning walks, but also uses specific cueing that zeroes in on your middle muscles during and after each walking routine. Safe for all ages and fitness levels, her at-home workouts are world famous. So, lace up your walking shoes and get started! MILE 1: a fresh Walk at Home 15 minute mile! It's a 4 mile per hour pace and a new cast of walkers makes it fun and inspirational. MILE 2: Leslie coaches you as you walk and Strength Train using the Toning Band. MILE 3: The classic 12 minute mile is super-fast and averages a 5 mile per hour pace. MILE 4: Intervals of fast walking and strength training give you a full body firming session with bursts of cardio walking! MILE 5: Join the 'really big' gang for a lively go the distance 5th mile! Be ready for a few surprises in the cast of walkers. Don t miss this mile!

Title: Leslie Sansone's Walk Slim: 5 Really Big Miles
Genre: Health & Fitness
Studio: Bayview Films
Release Date: 6/19/2018
Product Type: DVD
UPC: 812073025060
Item #: 2038270X

Street Date: 6/19/2018
Run Time: 70 minutes

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