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Korea: The Forgotten War
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At the end of World War II few Americans dreamed that less than five years later the nation would once again be involved in a bloody overseas conflict. Yet June 25 1950 marked the beginning of a war like no other America had ever fought. KOREA: THE FORGOTTEN WAR explores the long struggle half a world away from the forces that shattered the postwar peace to the delicate resolution which set the stage for many of the tensest moments of the Cold War. See dramatic footage of U.S. forces in action as Marines execute a brilliant amphibious landing at Inchon. Follow the troops as they push the North Koreans to the Yalu River then face overwhelming odds as China sends hundreds of thousands of soldiers over the border in a move that many thought might signal the beginning of World War III. With dramatic footage captured by combat cameras and first person accounts from soldiers this is a fascinating examination of one of the most important events of modern times.

Title: Korea: The Forgotten War
Genre: Television, Special Interest-Documentary
Starring: Robert Stack
Studio: A&E Home Video
Attributes: Manufactured on Demand
Release Date: 9/27/2005
Original Year: 1987
Product Type: DVD
Rated: UNR
UPC: 733961730388
Item #: ANE073038

Closed Caption: No
Street Date: 9/27/2005
Original Language: ENG

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