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I Me Wed
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Isabel Darden (Erica Durance, SMALLVILLE, STARGATE: SG-1) is an attractive, successful 30-year-old woman tired of her mother and friends insistence that marriage is essential to a woman's happiness. With pressure to find Mr. Right mounting, and a deep-seated desire to prove the women in her life wrong, Isabel plans a wedding ceremony in which shell marry the one person who knows her better than anyone else herself. When the news outlets pick up her story, Isabel becomes an overnight media sensation, and with the enthusiastic support of her friend Bill, she quickly begins planning her nuptials. Will Isabels wedding finally convince her embarrassed mother Lillian, and disappointed best friend Amy, that she truly is better off on her own? It's a question Isabel will have to contend with herself, after a chance meeting with the handsome and intelligent Colin (Paul Popowich) challenges her convictions.

Title: I Me Wed
Genre: Comedy-Romantic Comedy
Starring: Erica Durance, Paul Popowich, Cara Pifko, Vlasta Vrana, Janet-Laine Green, Thom Allison, Meaghan Rath, Thelma Farmer, Mark Forward
Director: Craig Pryce
Studio: A&E Home Video
Release Date: 1/11/2011
Original Year: 2007
Product Type: DVD
Rated: NR
UPC: 733961223170
Item #: ANE023170

Closed Caption: No
Street Date: 1/11/2011
Original Language: ENG
Run Time: 90 minutes

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