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How I Married My High School Crush
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Seventeen year old Sara (Katee Sackhoff, 24, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA) has been madly in love with popular classmate Brian (Sage Brocklebank, PSYCH, SMALLVILLE) ever since pre-school and dreams of marrying him. Problem is, he doesn't know she exists. When a solar eclipse inexplicably sends them from high school in 1990 to their actual wedding day in 2007, Sara (now in her mid-30s) discovers that, somehow, her wish came true. With their "grown-up" careers in full swing Sara is running for Lieutenant Governor, and Brian is a wealthy investment banker the couple realizes they are not at all prepared for what adulthood has in store. They still feel like the 17 year olds they see when they look in the mirror, yet everyone else in their lives sees them as 35 and expects them to act their age. Is it possible that Sara and Brian are really fated to be together? Or should they follow a less certain path in their new lives, and risk falling for other people?

Title: How I Married My High School Crush
Genre: Comedy-Romantic Comedy
Starring: Katee Sackhoff, Sage Brocklebank, Kim Poirier, Tommy Lioutas, Nikki Elek, Rob Van Meenen, Elyse Lavesque, Lindi Lee, Anita Smith, Gerald Lenton-Young
Director: David Winkler
Studio: A&E Home Video
Release Date: 1/11/2011
Original Year: 2007
Product Type: DVD
Rated: NR
UPC: 733961223194
Item #: ANE023194

Closed Caption: Yes
Street Date: 1/11/2011
Original Language: ENG
This product is a special order
Run Time: 120 minutes

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