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The Pirate Ships
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In the golden age of exploration when Spanish ships loaded with New World gold struggled across the seas to their homeland one sight feared by all sailors was the Jolly Roger. Under this threatening flag sailed the PIRATE SHIPS swift agile and dangerous. THE GREAT SHIPS takes to the high seas alongside the pirates for a thrilling look at one of the most storied chapters in maritime history. Hear tales of legendary pirates like Sir Henry Morgan whose band of buccaneers captured Panama in 1671! Details of the pirates' life is revealed through their own writings and the stories of those who suffered at their hands. Get an up-close look at the ships that bore the pirates to glory or death through period art and computer reconstructions and see incredible footage of recently discovered pirate and treasure ships in their watery graves. It's a thrilling look at a fabled era and the men and ships whose names have become legend.

Title: The Pirate Ships
Genre: Special Interest-Documentary
Starring: Henry Morgan
Studio: A&E Home Video
Attributes: Manufactured on Demand
Release Date: 6/27/2006
Original Year: 1997
Product Type: DVD
Rated: UNR
UPC: 733961752847
Item #: ANE075284

Street Date: 6/27/2006
Original Language: ENG

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