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List Price: $49.99
Price: $42.49
You Save: $7.50 (15%)

Features: White
Item #: 2202772X
Available Date: 9/30/2019
Model Number: GPOPRLPBCR

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GPO Pearl Retro Landline Phone, Vintage Landline Telephone for Home, Office, Retro Phones with Electric Ring and Curly Cord, Cream


The GPO Pearl Landline Phones / Corded Phones are chic stylish designs fitted with modern technology and they’re compatible with all standard analogue telephone lines.

CLASSIC DESIGN: This retro telephone displays a stunning and classic design from the early 20th century with an ivory finish adding charm to your home decor.

DURABLE MATERIAL: The landline telephone is a sturdy, durable, high-quality telephone with a stunning glossy finish, making it suitable for all interiors.

MODERN FEATURES: The touch-tone corded phone comes with Ringer On / Off switch and is supplied ready for use with modern telephone sockets.

PUSH-BUTTON DIALING: This phone offers easy-to-use, push-button dialing.

COMPATIBILITY: Compatible with modern telephone banking switchboard, digital menus, etc. the phone works with all analogue and digital home networks.

2025 SWITCH-OFF READY: As well as being compatible with modern telephone banking systems, digital menus, etc., this phone is ready to be used with all major networks when analogue networks are shut down in 2025.


  • Retro look and feel, Modern technology
  • Classic early 20th century design
  • Push-button dialing
  • Touch tone
  • Compatible with modern telephone banking
  • Dimensions: W 23 x D 12 x H 15cm
  • Weight: 0.8kg
  • Line Powered - Does not require Local AC Power
  • 12 Month Warranty

About GPO:

A fresh and innovative addition to the retail market, ProTelX (creators of the original GPO brand) was established in September 2009 with the aim of designing, developing, and manufacturing high-quality consumer retro products.

GPO are specialists in bespoke manufacturing to meet specific needs for classic, yet contemporary retro-inspired consumer goods.

These products are chosen to add colour to your life; you want one because it's nostalgic and cool. You keep it because it's fun and enjoyable.

At GPO we aim to deliver high-quality products that meet your specific needs for classic yet contemporary retro-inspired goods. Our attention to detail means that each product has its own personality. We love bringing the past bang up to date to give you the best of both worlds. In addition to creating state-of-the-art audio technology, we pride ourselves on ensuring the best customer experience.