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Bowanga Bowanga /  The Wild Women of Wongo /  Virgin Sacrifice
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Savage Tribes, Savage Women! Look out boys, the Ulama are loose! Yup, "the legendary White Sirens of Africa" - a tribe of Fifties-era glamour girls who look like strippers in animal skins - capture three male explorers who foolishly invade their secret plateau. Seeking a suitable husband, the Queen makes the guys fight the toughest gal amongst them: "Fire God take weak men! Queen take strong man!" But the other women object - "She no burn nice men! We get husbands too!" -and a tribal catfight quickly erupts. A mad mix of stock footage and cheesecake, BOWANGA BOWANGA is an utterly hilarious jungle-style Battle of the Sexes! And: On a tropical island 10,000 years ago, Nature plays a practical joke. The village of Wongo contains women who are all cover-girl gorgeous while the men are ugly "brutes." Miles away, the men of Goona are handsome though the Goona women are... well, downright scary. But when an impending invasion of Ape Men causes the tribes to meet, THE WILD WOMEN OF WONGO go gaga over the Goona guys, get tough, and force the men into marriage at the Temple of the Dragon God. A screwball cult classic shot at Florida's Coral Castle in "Passionate Pathecolor!" Plus: A captive young lady is about to become a VIRGIN SACRAFICE unless a big-game hunter can get to her first in this colorful jungle epic "actually filmed in Guatemala with Vicuni Savages" and featuring some surprising-for it's-time nudity! Bring a loincloth. Warning: This program contains mild nudity, bad choreography, and sexy women speaking gibberish! Over 3-1/2 Hours of Jungles and Jiggles!

Title: Bowanga Bowanga / The Wild Women of Wongo / Virgin Sacrifice
Genre: Cult-Erotica
Starring: Jean Hawkshaw, Johnny Walsh, David DaLie
Studio: RLJ Entertainment
Attributes: Manufactured on Demand
Release Date: 6/25/2019
Original Year: 2019
Product Type: DVD
Rated: NR
UPC: 014381003925
Item #: IMA000039

Street Date: 6/25/2019
Original Language: ENG
Run Time: 197 minutes

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