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A Necessary Death

A Necessary Death [DVD]


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Film student Gilbert (GJ Echternkamp) has a novel idea for his final thesis project -- find someone who wants to kill themselves and follow them through the final days of their life. Gilbert posts a message on the internet looking for a suitable subject, and after interviewing a handful of people with various reasons for taking their life, he chooses a British expatriate (Matt Tilley) who is slowly dying of an inoperable brain tumor. Assured that his subject will actually commit suicide on film, Gilbert believes he has found the perfect candidate to explore the nature of the act objectively. But as filming goes on, it soon becomes apparent that the creative process is impacting the man's road towards death, and before long Gilbert and his crew become more involved than they ever wanted to be.

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    A Necessary Death
    Special Interest - Documentary
    29 May 2012
    G.J. Echternkamp, Matt Tilley, Valerie Hurt, Michael Traynor, Konima Parkinson-Jones
    Daniel Stamm
    Not Rated

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    29 May 2012
    1: USA, Canada
    1.78:1 (Alternate Wide Screen), Enhanced Wide Screen Letterbox for 16x9 TV, NTSC
    Dolby Digital Stereo, English
    Discs:1 ~ Format:Ntsc ~ Region:1
    Matthew Tilley, G.J. Echternkamp
    Ws Nr Clr Dvd-Standard