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Finding Jenua

Finding Jenua [DVD]


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A young girl runs away from her past. An elderly woman can't remember hers. And a small town that never forgets. Edie chain-smokes, bites her fingernails and smashes her foot down on the gas pedal. Life whirls by, but she likes it that way. Jean sits at the kitchen table for hours, hearing the faint sound of her son's laughter and her husband's footsteps coming up the walk. And then the memory is gone. The house is empty. She wanders in search of something familiar and finds it when Edie blows into town. And then there's Cal who works at the local diner and motel. Squirming under his overbearing mother's thumb, Cal dreams of leaving town and making new memories. When their lives intersect, the past finds them all and forces them to face their truth. Finding Jenua is about love, loss and finding your place in the world: a drama with mystery told in an unconventional way, unraveling like a memory, tying us together with the simple beauty of human connection.

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    Finding Jenua
    29 May 2012
    Gayle James, Leigh Rose, Jordan Mantell, Christine Kellogg-Darrin, Brian Mason
    Alison Mason
    Not Rated

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    29 May 2012
    1: USA, Canada
    Discs:1 ~ Format:Ntsc ~ Region:1 ~ Country:Usa
    Gayle James, Jordan Mantell, Jack Cornelius, Brian Mason, Leigh Dallas Rose
    Ws Nr Clr Dvd-Standard

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