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Arthur/Arthur 2: On the Rocks

Arthur/Arthur 2: On the Rocks [Blu-ray]


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Dudley Moore, Liza Minnelli, Sir John Gielgud. In order to get his big-bucks inheritance, a wealthy irresponsible playboy is prepared to marry a woman he despises...but then he meets his soul mate from the wrong side of town in Arthur (1981/97 min.). In Arthur 2: On the Rocks (1988/110 min.), the newly poor Arthur marries his dream girl, only to find out he's virtually an unemployable alcoholic. Color/NR.

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    Arthur/Arthur 2: On the Rocks
    Comedy Video
    28 May 2013
    Not Rated
    Blu-ray Disc

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    28 May 2013
    A: Americas, E Asia
    French, Spanish
    Discs:1 ~ Format:Blu-ray ~ Region:A
    Eng Fre Spa
    Anne de Salvo, B. Constance Barry, Barney Martin, Bob Maroff, Bobo Lewis, Dillon Evans, Dudley Moore, Edgard Mourino, Florence Tarlow, Geraldine Fitzgerald, Gordon Press, Helen Hanft, Howard Feuer, Irving Metzman, Jeremy Ritzer, Jerome Collamore, Jill Eikenberry, John Bentley, John Gielgud, Jonathan Coleman, Juliet Taylor, Justine Johnston, Lawrence Tierney, Liza Minnelli, Lou Jacobi, Marcella Lowery, Marjorie Barnes, Mary Alan Hokanson, Maurice Copeland, Paul Gleason, Paul Vincent, Peter Evans, Phyllis Somerville, Ray Serra, Richard Hamilton, Ron Moody, Stephen Elliott, Ted Ross, Thomas Barbour
    Blu-ray/Ws Nr Clr Blu-ray