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Charlton Heston

Rugged man's man, vocal conservative and--guess what?--a great actor...

So much emphasis has been placed on politics lately that, when most people think of Charlton Heston, they think of one thing—the N.R.A. Yes, Charlton Heston was an outspoken member of the National Rifle Association. But he was also a widely admired actor with a style all his own—why else would Wayne Campbell (a.k.a. Mike Myers) have chosen him to show what a great actor can do with a simple scene in Wayne's World 2?

Heston's hilarious cameo in that film came close to half a century after he began his life as a thespian. Born Charles Carter in St. Helen, Mich., in 1924, Charlton Heston studied drama before starring in a college production of Peer Gynt and working on radio. After three years in the Air Force, he worked as a model and opened a theater in North Carolina. Heston debuted on Broadway in 1947, then earned a regular spot on the TV series Studio One.

His standout performances in that series led to roles in Dark City (1950),Cecil B. DeMille's The Greatest Show On Earth (1952) and more Hollywood films. DeMille called on him again for his epic The Ten Commandments (1956)—Heston's watershed film. In 1958, he had a memorable role—as a Mexican policeman!—in Orson Welles' post-noir masterpiece Touch of Evil. An Oscar-winning role in Ben Hur (1959) followed, plus El Cid (1961), The Agony and the Ecstasy (1965) and two hit Planet of the Apes films (1968, 1970).

Heston met with disaster in the '70s—well, his characters did, anyway. He starred in some of the decade's most riveting disaster flicks, including Earthquake and Airport 1975 (both 1974). More film work followed in the '80s and into the '90s, as did many made-for-TV movies and miniseries. In addition to his well-known political conservatism and his prominent membership in the N.R.A., Heston also has served as the president of the Screen Actors Guild and as the chairman of the American Film Institute.

Heston passed away on April 5, 2008, at the age of 84.

From sci-fi classics to historical epics to nail-biting disaster films, we've got all of Heston's best available on Blu-ray and DVD.

Charlton Heston Filmography

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Big Country

Buccaneer (1958)

Call of the Wild

Classic War Collection

Crucifer of Blood

Daniel & the Lion's Den

Dark City (1950)

Diamond Head


El Cid

El Cid (2-Disc Deluxe Edition)

Espionage-10 Episodes

Far Horizons

Film Noir Collection

Gary Cooper: Signature Collection


Golden Age of Television: Vol. 6-a Bolt of Lightni

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Greatest Heroes & Legends (15 Disc Box)

Greatest Story Ever Told the



Jean-Claude Van Damme Double Feature

Jesus of Nazareth

Joseph & the Coat of Many Colors

Joshua & the Battle of Jericho

Julius Caesar (1970)

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Man for All Seasons, a


Miracles of Jesus

Mother Lode

Nifty Fifties-50 Movie Set

Omega Man

Opera Stories: An in-Depth Look at Ten of the Worl


Planet of the Apes Legacy

Pony Express (1953)

Proud Men

Samson & Delilah


Secrets of War: Complete Series

Set 4

Shadows of the Reich-10 Episodes

Sodom & Gomorrah

Solar Crisis

Soylent Green

Story of Moses

Studio One Anthology

Ten Commandments

The Buccaneer [Blu-ray]

The Greatest Show on Earth

The Order [Blu-ray]

The Order/Nowhere to Run [2 Discs] [Blu-ray]

The Ten Commandments [Blu-ray]

Timeless Westerns


Touch of Evil

Treasure Island (1990)

Two Minute Warning

Vietnam Chronicles

Vietnam War: A Decade of Dog Tags

Vietnam-a War Unwanted

Vietnam: Apocalypse in the Jungle

Vol. 5-Alamo Drafthouse Ed.

Will Penny (1968)