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Jodie Foster

From Child Star to Hollywood Icon

Winning Oscars, stepping up to the director's chair, attending Yale—and graduating magna cum laude—Jodie Foster has done all this without ever seeming to break a sweat. A woman of seemingly boundless talent and intelligence, she has impressed critics, audiences and everyone else since she was a child.

Encouraged by her mother to enter show business, Jodie made several TV appearances before making her movie debut in Disney's Napoleon & Samantha (1972). On every set, the teenage Foster astounded her elders with her professionalism and skill. She was not yet 13 when she was cast as a child prostitute in Scorsese's Taxi Driver (1975). The role brought her stardom—but also tragic consequences; she would soon find herself stalked by John Hinckley, Jr., who would later try to assassinate President Reagan in a crazed attempt to impress her.

Badly shaken and cynical toward the press and the public after that 1981 incident, Foster retired from the screen to attend Yale. After graduation she appeared in a few films before making a stunning comeback in 1988's The Accused playing a justice-seeking rape victim and earning an Oscar. Another Oscar came three years later for The Silence of the Lambs. She took on the role of director in the '90s, helming Little Man Tate (1991) and Home for the Holidays (1995). After starring in 1997's Contact, Foster took time off to raise her new son, Charles.

Foster has worked much less since becoming a mother, and she has become much more selective of her roles. It is a working strategy, as her films have received both critical acclaim and box office success. Some of these films include Anna and the King (1999), 2002’s The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys and Panic Room, The Inside Man (2006), Nim’s Island in (2007), 2008’s The Brave One and the blockbuster summer 2013 hit Elysium.

Time and again Jodie can be counted on for playing challenging roles well, and you will enjoy her work from her youth to today.

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