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John Wayne

The one, the only -- The Duke.
Born Marion Michael Morrison in Winterset, Iowa, the Duke was a USC football player when he made his first screen appearance in several late-'20s silent films. After being discovered by John Ford and changing his name, John Wayne appeared in many low-budget Westerns and serials before achieving stardom as the Ringo Kid in "Stagecoach". He would go on to make more than 80 films, his tough but justice-minded characters creating one of American cinema's most enduring and beloved personas.

His leading ladies over the coming years would include Marlene Dietrich, Joan Crawford, Claudette Colbert, Maureen O'Hara, Katherine Hepburn and Lauren Bacall. In addition to working with directors like John Ford and Howard Hawks, he directed some of his own films, such as "The Alamo" and "The Green Berets." Wayne seems to be one of those rare actors that made at least one film that everyone loves. Whether it's the action packed "She Wore A Yellow Ribbon" or a sweeping epic like "The Searchers," John Wayne was an actor that made people stand up and cheer.

Wayne finally won an overdue Academy Award in 1969 for his performance of Roster Cogburn "True Grit" and portrayed an aging gunfighter dying of cancer in his final film, "The Shootist." Three years later, at the age of 72, John Wayne died of cancer.

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John Wayne Filmography

20 Wild Westerns-Marshals & Gunmen

20-Film Great American Westerns: John Wayne Collec

20-Movie Western Pack

3 Godfathers

4 Film Favorites: War

6 Movie Collection

8-Movie Western Pack Vol. 2

A Man Betrayed

Action Classics, Vol. 2

Action Heroes of the Cliffhanger Serials

America's Great Westerns, Vol. 2 [5 Discs]

An American Icon: John Wayne [2 Discs]

Angel & the Badman

Angel and the Badman/Blue Steel

Back to Bataan

Best of Betty White [2 Discs]

Best of TV Westerns

Big Jake

Big Tough Guys

Big Trail

Blood Alley

Cahill: U.S. Marshall

Classic TV Sherlock Holmes

Classic Western Series: Famous Westerns [8 Discs]

Cold Vengeance


Cowboy Legends Collectors Set

Cowboys, the

Dark Command (1940)

Desert Command (1946)

Donovan's Reef

El Dorado

Fighting Kentuckian (1949)

Flame of Barbary Coast (1945)

Flying Leathernecks

Fort Apache

Frontier Horizon (1939)

Gold Strike River

Great American Legend

Greatest Western Heroes

Gunfighters Collection

Guns Along the Trail

Gunslinger Collection


Hell Town (1937)


Heroes of the Old West

His Private Secretary

Hollywood Westerns


How the West Was Won

Hurricane Express

In Harm's Way

In Old California (1942)

In the Movies

Innocent Man

Island in the Sky

John Ford Westerns

John Wayne's Tribute to America

King of the Pecos (1936)

Lady for a Night (1942)

Lady From Louisiana (1941)

Lawless Range/Man From Utah

Legendary John Wayne

Man in the Vault



Mob Boss Collection [2 Discs] [Tin Case]

No Substitute for Victory-From Vietnam to Iraq

North to Alaska

Operation Pacific

Outlaw Justice

Overland Stage Raiders (1938)

Pals of the Saddle (1938)

Paradise Canyon/Randy Rides Alone/Winds of the Was

Plunder of the Sun


Reap the Wild Wind

Red River Range (1938)

Reunion in France

Ring of Fear

Rio Bravo

Rio Grande (1950)

Rio Lobo

Rock Hudson's Home Movies

Rooster Cogburn

Saddles Saloons & Six-Shooters the Wild Western Co

Santa Fe Stampede (1938)

Searchers, the

Seven Men From Now

Shadow of the Eagle-the Complete Serial (1932)

She Wore a Yellow Ribbon

Spaghetti Western Collection


Star Packer/Sage Brush Trail/Rainbow Valley

Stolen Goods

Tall in the Saddle

TCM Greatest Classic Films: Legends

The Beverly Hillbillies

The Bonanza Collection [4 Discs]

The Bullfighter and the Lady

The Cowboys [Blu-Ray]

The Desert Trail/Dawn Rider

The Fighting Seabees

The Fox War Book [6 Discs]

The Great American Western Collectors Set, Vol. 8 [5 Discs]

The Green Berets [Commemorative Packaging]

The High and the Mighty [2 Discs]

The John Wayne Collection [5 Discs]

The Lawless Nineties

The Lonely Trail

The Magnificent Seven/the Alamo [2 Discs]

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance

The New Frontier

The Night Riders

The Quiet Man

The Sea Chase [Commemorative Packaging]

The Searchers [Blu-Ray]

The Shootist

The Sons of Katie Elder

The Spoilers

The Trail West: 200 Classic Western Film Collection [50 Discs]

The Vietnam War: A Decade of Dog Tags

They Were Expendable/Flying Leathernecks

This Little Bullet

Three Faces West (1940)

Three Musketeers: Vol. 1-2

Three Texas Steers (1939)

Timeless Family Classics-50 Movie Set

Track of the Cat

Train Robbers, the

Tribute Collection

Tribute to an American Icon

Trouble Along the Way

True Grit

Ultimate John Wayne Collection

Ultimate Western 50 Films


Vol. 20-Shatner/Fonda/Wayne/Ans

Vol. 24-John Wayne

Vol. 3

Vol. 3-John Wayne Triple Feature

Vol. 4-John Wayne Triple Feature

Vol. 7-Hurricane Express

Vol. 8-Three Musketeers

Wake of the Red Witch (1949)


War 10-Movie Collection

War of the Wildcats (1943) Aka in Old Oklahoma

War Wagon, the

War-Battlefront Asia

Western Adventures

Western Classics 50 Movie Pack

Western Legends 50 Movie Pak


Westward Ho (1935)

Wild West Outlaws

Wings of Eagles, the

Without Reservations

WWII Collection Gift Set

Wyoming Outlaw (1939)